AN.SA TECH ENGINEERING arises from the requirement of International market to find engineering solutions and services, to realize turnkey solution plants for automotive, industrial stand-by and motorcycle LEAD ACID BATTERIES.

Extensive team experience able to fulfill all requirements, to carry out successfully all proposed projects, from the green field to battery mass production.

Project Planning

AN.SA TECH from the beginning will follow and assist you in all tasks and details for a successful project.

Project Management

AN.SA TECH will follow and will assist you in all phases from machines & equipment definition, installation, commissioning, start-up, to final battery chemical and electrical laboratory testing.

& Construction

AN.SA TECH will give all construction details regarding the battery product and process, the sizing and the layouts of the plant and the calculation of all machines and utilities.

Project Development

AN.SA TECH will manage all phases of the project and will assist you till the plant will run to mutual satisfaction.

Latest Projects

Successfully completed the project in Armenia end of 2010, and till today with continuous presence, supporting ELBAT CJSC in its growth.


AN.SA TECH ENGINEERING is proud to summarize the extensive experience of its team and to demonstrate the capacity to fulfill the requirements to carry out successfully such projects having:

  • A Highly skilled and experienced team with 5 Members, 4 Engineers and one Business Advisor totally dedicated to these projects.
  • Members have between 20 and 30 years of deep experience in product and manufacturing processes, technologies, machines and equipment, factory sizing, factory logistic, Health and Environment.
  • Team members worked for many years in lead acid batteries manufacturing Companies like EXIDE and FIAMM producing starter (SLI & VRLA) and industrial batteries.
  • Successfully completed the project in Armenia, and still today with continuous presence, supporting ELBAT in its growth.
  • Successfully completed nr.4 complete turnkey projects for battery manufacturing plants; nr.2 complete factories (FIAMM) for SLI batteries production with capacities from 1 up to 5 million batteries/year and Nr. 2 complete factories (FIAMM, EXIDE INDIA) for traction cells production with capacities from 750 – thousand up to 1million cells/year.
  • Care of Customer as AN.SA TECH ENGINEERING most important asset and extensive support also after factory start up.
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